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Welcome to my Website!

My name is Fernando Britto, and I am a composer and arranger.

My work in writing is divided between arrangements and transcriptions for recordings and/or live events, and composition for theater music, event music, and soundtracks.

As a composer, my catalog includes works for solo instruments such as organ, piano, flute, among others; compositions for chamber groups such as duos, quartets, quintets, and various other formations; and symphonic music for bands and orchestras.

As an arranger, I have a substantial number of arrangements for recordings in the phonographic market (especially in the gospel market), as well as many works for orchestras and chamber groups performed in Brazil and other countries in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Additionally, I have also worked on soundtracks and music with synthesizers. Several of them are available on Spotify and other platforms, such as GloboPlay and YouTube.

In my YouTube channel, you can also find a portion of my work, including vlogs and tutorials on written music and score editing software.

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